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After a while, your Toyota's battery will need to be replaced. When this happens, it's best to drive to Toyota of Portsmouth's service center to receive genuine Toyota service. Pull into our drive thru and ask for a free battery test.

With Toyota TrueStart batteries, you'll receive many advantages that only come with approved Toyota parts. With exceptional quality and an amazing Toyota battery warranty, a Toyota TrueStart battery should be the only replacement battery you have installed in your vehicle.

The Advantages of a Toyota TrueStart Battery

For Seacoast New Hampshire drivers, a Toyota TrueStart battery is the best replacement battery out there. Toyota TrueStart batteries are built specifically to fit your Toyota, ensuring that it meets or exceeds your Toyota vehicle specifications.

A Toyota TrueStart battery will not just be the perfect battery for your car; it will also give you incredible value in the future. Hampton, Durham, Dover, and Stratham drivers love the 84-Month warranty that comes with their Toyota TrueStart batteries, which includes the following advantages:

  • 24-Month Free Replacement
  • 60-Month proration in a simple two-tier priced plan
  • Coast-to-coast Toyota warranty service at more than 1,200 locations
  • Towing and installation labor included

Getting a Toyota TrueStart battery is not only the best option for your Toyota's overall health, but it's also the best option for your wallet. Be sure to take advantage of a Toyota TrueStart battery when you need a Toyota battery replacement done.

When Should You Replace Your Battery?

As you drive around Exeter, Portsmouth, Lee, NH or Kittery and Eliot, Me you may notice many indicators that your Toyota's battery needs to be replaced by our expert technicians. Be on the lookout for these signs that you should replace your old battery with a fresh Toyota TrueStart replacement battery:

  • A battery age of three to five years
  • Corroded terminals
  • A foul odor under the hood
  • Dim lights or other electrical issues
  • Slow engine start
  • Swollen or cracked battery case
  • Learn more by watching this video: Toyota Service Tip - Batteries 

Schedule a Toyota Service Appointment

If you notice any problems arise with your battery, be sure to get it replaced with a Toyota TrueStart battery as soon as possible. Schedule your Toyota battery replacement online by using the button below on the left.  Or stop by Toyota of Portsmouth and let our factory-trained technicians fix your problem for you.

 TOP Battery.jpg
 Toyota Batteries
Why replace your battery with Toyota TrueStart battery?
  • Toyota TrueStart batteries meet or exceed Toyota specifications for all vehicles, and are the approved batteries for warranty repair
  • The only warranty replacement battery approved for your Toyota vehicle
  • Meets or exceeds Toyota specifications for all vehicles
  • The exceptional 84-Month warranty!
  • 24-Month Free replacement
  • 60-Month proration in a simple two-tier priced plan
  • Includes towing and installaton labor
  • Coast-to-Coast warranty service at more than 1,200 Toyota locations
How often is replacement needed?
  • Battery testing is recommended at each regular service visit
Indicators replacement may be needed:
  • Age of battery
  • Corrosion, stains, or buildup around terminals
  • After a jump-start or a long period of battery inactivity
  • Sluggish vehicle start, especially during periods of extreme hot or cold temperatures 
  • Save money on your next battery by using our Variable Service Discount.  You can get the savings coupon HERE.
Where you live can adversely affect your battery life. Hot weather causes batteries to drain faster. If you live in the northern states, your expected battery life is typically 4-6 years. If you live in the south, your expected battery life can be 2-3 years.

Need a new battery?

Schedule your appointment online now with our Service Center today!  Or call us at 603-431-6100.

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