Can Toyota Help Sort Out the Conservation Status of Species Like the Spotted Turtle?

When you live in a beautiful port city, it is easy to feel connected to environment. Many of our customers in the Portsmouth, Dover, Exeter, and Hampton area have a personal stake in keeping our rivers, ocean, and wildlife healthy.

Toyota has been working hard to reduce climate-change-causing carbon emissions for over two decades, notably helping the hybrid car rise to mainstream popularity with the Prius. However, "protecting the environment is not just about CO2 and emissions," says Toyota's executive vice president, Didier Leroy. "Biodiversity is equally important to human lives."

As part of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, Toyota Motor Corporation is entering a five-year partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, an organization devoted to identifying threats to biodiversity.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species currently lists information on nearly 80,000 species around the world, which helps conservationists know where to focus their attention. It also acts as an unbiased international standard for the conservation-status of a species across its range.

Take for instance one of New Hampshire's native reptile, the spotted turtle (Clemmys guttata). It is listed as threatened in NH, but is not federally listed. The IUCN lists the spotted turtle as Endangered across its global range.

"Clemmys guttata inhabits the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States," its Red List entry reads. Its population has fallen by over 50 percent, "much of this being irreversible through habitat loss." The entry notes that, apart from habitat loss, illegal pet trade poses a big threat to the continued survival of this species in the wild.

Toyota's grants will fund the IUCN to assess at least 28,000 more species, including those with economic importance, like wild varieties of agricultural crops, and fish.

Want to help out the environment? The single greatest threat to all species on the planet is climate change, and the greatest source of greenhouse gas you have control over is your car. Browse our new inventory at Toyota of Portsmouth for a cleaner hybrid, or contact us to find one for you. Routine maintenance at a Toyota service center can also help your engine run smoother, and keep your emissions low.

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