Where does the Toyota 4Runner Stack Up Against the Competition? Toyota of Portsmouth is Here to Answer!

Here at Toyota of Portsmouth, we have an excellent SUV that can help you and your family get places with efficiency, safety and reliability: the Toyota 4Runner. This well-known SUV stands out among many other SUVs of its class because of its excellent capabilities, advanced engine, comfortable interior space, and its wide range of convenient amenities. Here at Toyota of Portsmouth, we have a fully-stocked new inventory that includes many Toyota 4Runner SUV models in a variety of trim levels, and we want you to find a new SUV that can help you get places in style and safety. Our Toyota dealership is a fantastic choice for people in Portsmouth who want a reliable SUV from a reliable brand. However, as the smart shopper that you are, you likely want more proof of these claims about the Toyota 4Runner, which is why we here at Toyota of Portsmouth compiled an extensive amount of research on this SUV and how it stacks up against its top competitors in the SUV class. We found that the Toyota 4Runner comes out ahead of its worthy competitors, so let's take a look at the advantages that it has to offer.

The Toyota 4Runner vs The Competition

  • When it comes to capability, the Toyota 4Runner offers a lot more towing capability than the it's challenger in the Buick lineup, the Buick Enclave. The Toyota 4Runner has a maximum towing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds, whereas the Buick Enclave can tow only up to 1,500 pounds.
  • The Toyota 4Runner is also a better vehicle overall for taking on off-road adventures given that it has a higher ground clearance than that of the Buick Enclave and features All-Wheel Drive as an option with all trim levels. The Buick Enclave features front-wheel drive primarily and all-wheel drive has to be upgraded with a higher trim.
  • The Toyota 4Runner offers more capacity for both cargo and fuel than does its primary Honda competitor, the Honda Pilot.
  • The Toyota 4Runner also offer a higher towing capacity overt the Pilot which, like the Buick Enclave, can only tow 1,500 pounds.
  • While the Toyota 4Runner and the Jeep Grand Cherokee are known for their off-roading capabilities, the 4Runner has a higher ground clearance than this Jeep competitor, which makes it easier for keeping an elevated line of sight when traveling off-road.
  • Finally, the Toyota 4Runner has a lot more space and versatility over the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with up to 47.2 cubic feet of cargo volume and much more available front leg room for you and your copilot to enjoy. The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers less front leg room and about 36.3 cubic feet of total cargo volume.

A New SUV to Benefit New Hampshire

If you would like to know more about where the Toyota 4Runner stands among its worthy competitors, check out our competitive comparison. Then, if we have convinced you of all that this SUV can do for you, check out our new Toyota 4Runner models and schedule a test drive right here at our dealership at 150 Greenleaf Road in Portsmouth, NH. We are Toyota of Portsmouth and our sales team is standing by at (603) 280-4329 to answer any questions you might have. See you soon!

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