The 2019 Toyota Highlander takes on the competition!

If you want a well-rounded and attractive SUV, stop into our Portsmouth location to check out the 2019 Toyota Highlander! It has great looks, plenty of seating, solid features, and it holds its value over the years. Of course, we know the Highlander has its rivals. Visit the Highlander comparison page for the full breakdown of the how our pick stands against the competition. Keep reading for a few quick highlights.

  • The Toyota Highlander vs the Subaru ascent: the Highlander offers more driver legroom than the Subaru Ascent, and it also has some features that make driving a three-row vehicle easier, like the Driver Easy Speak system.
  • The Toyota Highlander vs the Jeep Grand Cherokee: if you have a lot of people you need to get around Dover NH, the Highlander is the better option. It has seating for either seven- or eight-passengers, and the Grand Cherokee is only a two-row, five-passenger model.
  • The Toyota Highlander vs the Honda Pilot: both rivals have a strong 3.5L V6 engine, but the Highlander's output gives you more torque and horsepower. The Pilot has more cargo space than the Highlander, but the dimensions mean the vehicle looks bloated and not very attractive, whereas the Highlander and its good looks that are known far and wide.
  • The Toyota Highlander vs the Ford Explorer: unlike the Ford Explorer that puts a few advanced features in most trim, you'll get more upfront with the Highlander. The Highlander also earned an IIHS Top Safety Pick nod, which the Ford Explorer did not receive.
  • The Toyota Highlander vs the Nissan Murano: just like the Grand Cherokee, the Murano is also a five-seat model, making it nonideal for big families or people who carpool. You can also tow up to 5,000 pounds with the Highlander, and that easily beats the Murano's 1,5000-pound rating.

The Highlander has some tough competition, but it stands strong against its rivals and shows shoppers why it's still the top choice. Visit us at Toyota of Portsmouth this week to test drive the 2019 Toyota Highlander.

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