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The Toyota Highlander vs. The Competition

Here at Toyota of Portsmouth, we know a thing or two about SUVs, and we prove that in our inventory of quality Toyota SUVs like the Toyota Highlander. But, we also know that there are a plethora of SUV options out there, and we want to help make sure that you find the best possible SUV through a dealership experience that is as easy and as stress-free as possible. So, to help in your search, we have compared our Toyota Highlander with three of its competitors-the Subaru Ascent, the Honda Pilot, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee-in matters of performance, interior comfort, and safety. If you have any questions regarding our current inventory of Toyota Highlander models, please do not hesitate to reach out to us either by email or over the phone for more information. We proudly serve the current and soon-to-be Toyota drivers of Portsmouth, NH, as well as those drivers of Dover, Exeter, and Hampton, NH.

2021 Highlander vs. 2021 Telluride

Toyota Highlander vs. Kia Telluride

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Kia Telluride Performance

While the Kia telluride does come equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 engine and the Toyota Highlander comes with a 3.5-liter V6, the Highlander has a slightly stronger engine as it can produce 295 horsepower compared to the 291 horsepower from the Telluride. The Highlander also offers better fuel economy and a hybrid option for drivers who are looking to go green.

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Kia Telluride Interior

Both these SUVs provide a third row of seating to allow up to eight passengers in their cabins. The Kia Telluride can drop that number to seven if captain chairs are purchased for the second row. The Toyota Highlander has several unique features not found on the Kia Telluride, like an Onboard Wi-Fi hotspot, a household power outlet, and an intercom system that broadcasts the driver's voice through the speakers.

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Kia Telluride Safety

In terms of safety, the Toyota Highlander comes out on top. While the Kia Telluride does have a suite of safety features like adaptive cruise control, forward collision mitigation, and parking sensors, these features can also be found on the Highlander. What's not found on the Kia Telluride are safety features like a traffic sign reader, lane tracing assist, and a digital rear-view mirror.

Toyota Highlander vs. Subaru Ascent

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Subaru Ascent Performance

Most Toyota Highlander models use a V6 engine the hood while the Subaru Ascent only offers a four-cylinder engine that can't match the impressive horsepower specs of the Highlander. But, while power normally comes at the cost of efficiency, the Toyota Highlander gets the same miles per gallon as the Subaru Ascent for city and highway driving, and the Highlander has an 8-speed automatic transmission that isn't dull like the continuously variable transmission in the Ascent.

Toyota Highlander Interior vs. Subaru Ascent Interior

Drivers will find three rows of seats in both these mid-size SUVs, but the Toyota Highlander has some advantages in its dimensions, like how it provides more legroom to the driver than the Ascent does, as well as its features. For example, the Driver Easy Speak system, which is only available in the Highlander, has a microphone the driver can use to get the attention of rear-seat passengers when you have questions or trip updates.

Toyota Highlander Safety vs. Subaru Ascent Safety

We know that those car shoppers considering mid-size SUVs most often have safety among the qualities they look for first, and you'll find it a priority of both these models. The Highlander and the Ascent both come standard with driver-assist features, like pre-collision warning systems with pedestrian detection, but the Highlander does come standard with others, like automatic high beams, not in the Subaru SUV.

Toyota Highlander vs. Subaru Ascent

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Performance

The Toyota Highlander matches the Jeep Grand Cherokee in horsepower, but it offers slightly better torque. The Toyota Highlander also offers better fuel economy as a non-hybrid, the Highlander is also the only one out of the two that is available as a hybrid model.

Toyota Highlander Interior vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Interior

Inside, the Toyota Highlander seats eight passengers in three spacious rows while the Jeep Grand Cherokee only seats five passengers. The Toyota Highlander offers more space for its passengers than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the Toyota Highlander offers more cargo space. Technology-wise, the Toyota Highlander breaks away with its Entune(™) infotainment system.

Toyota Highlander Safety vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee Safety

The Toyota Highlander beats out the Jeep Grand Cherokee in matters of safety by offering more airbags, a standard engine immobilizer, and a higher Overall Rollover Crash Test Safety Rating. The Toyota Highlander also features a Toyota Safety Sense(™) P Safety Package.

2021 Toyota Highlander vs. 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L

2021 Toyota Highlander vs. 2021 Honda Pilot

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Honda Pilot Performance

While both SUVs pack a 3.5-liter V6 engine, the Toyota Highlander's V6 offers more horsepower and more torque than the Honda Pilot's V6. Unlike the Honda Pilot, the Toyota Highlander is also available as a hybrid model, which offers better fuel economy. The Toyota Highlander also offers a far larger towing capacity than the Honda Pilot.

Toyota Highlander Interior vs. Honda Pilot Interior

While both SUVs seat eight passengers comfortably, the Toyota Highlander stands apart by offering a slightly higher maximum payload capacity. In matters of technology, the Toyota Highlander also breaks away with its Entune(™) infotainment system.

Toyota Highlander Safety vs. Honda Pilot Safety

Regarding safety, the Toyota Highlander offers far more airbags than the Honda Pilot and both vehicles earn a five-star Overall Crash Test Safety Rating. Technology-wise, the Toyota Highlander stands out from the Honda Pilot with its Toyota Safety Sense(™) P Safety Package.

2021 Highlander vs. 2021 Ford Explorer

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Ford Explorer Performance

The Toyota Highlander has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that outperforms the standard engine of the Ford Explorer, also a 3.5-liter V6, in both horsepower and torque, which is especially noticeable because the Highlander is lighter than the Explorer. Plus, there's a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for those drivers craving efficiency from a three-row SUV, which the Ford Explorer can't claim.

Toyota Highlander Interior vs. Ford Explorer Interior

The Toyota Highlander again holds clear size advantages over the SUV competition, like how the Toyota Highlander has a higher max cargo capacity than the new Ford Explorer. But, the biggest difference in size is that the Toyota Highlander seats a total of 8 comfortably while the Ford Explorer seats seven passengers or only six passengers with the captain's chairs in the second row.

Toyota Highlander Safety vs. Ford Explorer Safety

The new Toyota Highlander, a 2019 Top Safety pick of the IIHS, really starts to show how it's the better mid-size SUV with its safety package. The Ford Explorer, which didn't earn an IIHS honor, hides features like lane keep assist in expensive option packages, but you'll enjoy those features standard in every new Toyota Highlander, which helps parents feel more at home when in the SUV.

2021 Highlander vs. 2021 Ford Explorer

Toyota Highlander vs. Chevrolet Traverse

Toyota Highlander Performance vs. Nissan Murano Performance

Again, both these SUVs offer a 3.5-liter V6 engine, and again, that V6 in the Toyota Highlander puts more horsepower and torque under the control of the driver, which shows as the Highlander tows up to 5,000 pounds but the Murano only 1,500 pounds. The Nissan Murano does get one more mile per gallon highway than the Highlander, but if you want true efficiency, the Highlander Hybrid is the best option of the bunch.

Toyota Highlander Interior vs. Nissan Murano Interior

The Toyota Highlander comes standard with an 8-person seating capacity thanks to its third row, which you won't find in the new Nissan Murano and its 5-person seating capacity. The smaller cabin of the Nissan Murano also hinders drivers that may need lots of room for project supplies or other items, but that's not a problem with the massive cabin of the Toyota Highlander!

Toyota Highlander Safety vs. Nissan Murano Safety

You'll want a safe vehicle if you're looking at large SUVs, and the Toyota Highlander prioritizes that characteristic, which shows in a few ways. It comes standard with lane departure alert, automatic high beams, and a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, so you don't have to pay extra for this crash-avoidance technology. The Nissan Murano only comes standard with a pre-collision system, but even that doesn't have pedestrian monitoring capability. This helps make the Toyota Highlander smarter and a better value than the Murano.

Toyota Highlander vs. Chevrolet Traverse

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