Compare Toyota Tacoma vs Toyota Tundra in Portsmouth

Undecided On Your Next Pickup near Portsmouth, NH? Compare Your Toyota Truck Options

There are probably many reasons why you're considering a new Toyota pickup, all of them valid. From heavy towing needs to people-hauling needs, to concerns surrounding the reliability of other trucks compared to Toyota models, the reasons to purchase or lease a new Toyota pickup from us here at Toyota of Portsmouth are nearly infinite. But there are still decisions you'll have to make - like which Toyota truck is best-suited to your particular needs and uses?

To help you answer the above question, we'd like to provide an overview of our two popular Toyota truck models, the Tacoma and Tundra, and a comparison of each. We hope that by doing so, when it's time to sign the dotted line on your Toyota financing agreement and drive home, you'll have been able to make a more informed decision.  


Toyota Tacoma Overview

The Toyota Tacoma is the premier compact pickup truck from Toyota. Boldly styled, ruggedly appointed, and full of compelling trims that offer something for even the most adventurous and outdoorsy of types, the Tacoma is a fantastic new pickup choice. Capable of towing up to 6,800 pounds or hauling up to 1,620 pounds, this Toyota has what it takes to go the long haul (or tow) here in Dover, NH and beyond. Plus, thanks to RWD or AWD, it can tackle any terrain, especially in one of the TRD trims. Toyota Tacoma models start at $25,550.


Toyota Tundra Overview

The Toyota Tundra is the premier full-size pickup truck from Toyota. This large Toyota truck has what it takes to tow up to 10,200 pounds and haul up to 1,730 pounds, giving you not only more bed space and cabin capacity compared to the Toyota Tacoma, but also increased capacity and capability. The Tundra offers more room, more rugged capability, and also a standard V8 engine where the Tacoma offers a standard 4-cylinder or V6 engine. Toyota Tundra gives you added power, size and capability with models starting at $31,320.

Compare Tacoma and Tundra

Interested in comparing the Toyota Tacoma and compare the Toyota Tundra from a more in-depth perspective to make sure you pick the vehicle that's best for your driving needs near Exeter, NH? While the main differences between these two Toyota truck may lie in their size, price, performance and capability, there are plenty of other differences to explore. Plus, we haven't even scratched the surface for how each of these two trucks compare to other pickups like the Chevy Colorado, the Nissan Titan, or the Ford F-150, to name a few. As such, if you're interested in any further comparisons, don't hesitate to contact us online here at Toyota of Portsmouth for more detailed information on the Tacoma, Tundra, and their respective competition!

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To contact us, feel free to use our easy online contact link, or just give us a call. When you do, be sure to schedule a test-drive appointment in the Tundra, Tacoma, or both! When you're ready to visit our dealership, you'll find us located conveniently at 150 Greenleaf Avenue in Portsmouth, NH not far from Hampton, NH. We can't wait to get you into the new Toyota truck that best fits your needs and uses!