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James G Boyle, Dealer Principal

Jim and the boys!



Todd A. Page, Assistant General Manager

Todd is a huge photographer.  You'll see his work on our social posts.  Many weekends he and his son will be off to parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Boston, New York City and beyond. Todd captures the most spectacular photos you've ever seen. He knows Toyota very well and is always glad to help a customer with any questions.

Dan Sharp, Sales Manager

Dan is our go to sports guy.  You name the sport and he knows what's going on.  The latest on the Red Sox?  Patriots? Bruins? Celtics?  Just ask.  He is also a big fan of college hockey and holds a pair of season tickets for the UNH Wildcats.  As a sales manager here at Toyota of Portsmouth, Dan works hard for each and every customer and will always have his own brand of humor to add to every deal.  What's with the fireman's hat?  Ask Dan next time your in, just look for the guy with the big smile! 

Marc Blake, Sales Manager

With two Marks here at Toyota of Portsmouth, please specify you want the Marc with a "C" when contacting Mr. Blake.  He's one of the most enjoyable people to work with and if you get the chance to have him help you, you'll see what we mean.  Marc started his career in the car business right here.  Made his way to a few other local dealerships and then came back to where he loves it best.  You are more than welcome to ask for him when you purchase your next Toyota.  And ask to see a picture of his adorable new daughter.  She's a cutie!!

Sean Rooney, Sales Manager

Car, trucks, SUVs, music, comedy, golf....these are a few of Sean's favorite things.   But who tops those, his 4 boys and the dogs.  You can imagine Sean's food bill!!!

Michelle Muchemore, Internet Sales Manager

Michelle works with so many of our customers.  She is one of the first contacts inside the dealership when you are shopping for a new vehicle.  Over the many years here she has handled much of the marketing and then became more involved with working with the sales team.  Her strength is helping people make the right decisions when buying.  How does she pass the time outside of work?  Two words......Netflix and knitting!

Connor Henderson, Sales Consultant

What's not to like about Connor?  He's easy to get to know and speaking of "know", this guy is a walking Wikopedia page on Toyota.  Everyone here is trained, Connor just takes it up a notch or fifteen.  Every model, every year, and even competitive brands.  He knows why Toyota is the brand with more value.  Just for fun, come in and try to stump him!!!

Brad Austin, Sales Consultant

After 25 years in Los Angeles Brad escaped to Boston. It took him 20 more years to wise up and move north where life is much more pleasant.  Some golf, a little fishing, and all the test drives he can get makes Brad a happy man.  His favorite is the Highlander Hybrid.  Stop in and ask him why.

Jim Belmer, Sales Consultant

Jim has been here for many years and has worked with hundreds of happy customers.  Jim will have the correct answer to any question you have about a Toyota.

Zach Galipeau, Sales Consultant

Zach is the guy that buzzes around the showroom every minute he's here.  His idea for customers is to change up your cr buying process and make it a fun experience.  Like we say "Car buying the way you want it to be."  If you love UNH sports, talk with Zach, a UNH alumni.  And he likes to talk about cars.  Ask him about the 0 to 60 time in a Supra.

Ian Mitchell, Sales Consultant

Here's a guy who really enjoys selling cars, but spends alot of his spare time working on motorcycles.  That includes his 1982 Suzuki GTX.  Great Bike! And for those who prefer the French language, Ian has mastered it and we welcome you to talk with him in French when buying your next Toyota.



Matt Eisenhuth, Finance Manager

Matt is here to make the paperwork easy for you.  He'll help you through the buying process in a way you've never experienced before.  Matt enjoys family time and if you start talking baseball, he's a true Red Sox fan.  His most exciting time in life was when he spent three years on a lobster boat.  Ask him what it's like on the ocean when it's minus 4.



John Lightbown, Service Manager

After many years as a service writer here, John moved into the Service Manager position.  His knowledge of Toyota vehicles and high level of service to our customers made him the perfect choice.  If you enjoy the service you get here, let John know.  If you have an issue, please talk with him. 

Sarah Craig, Service Coordinator

Sarah is the friendly voice you hear when calling to set up an appointment for service.  She will take the time to help you set aa appointment that is convenient for your schedule.  Got a question about service?  Ask Sarah.

Alana Hall, Service Advisor

Alana is one of our top Service Writers, and for good reason.  She knows cars.  Alana can explain to you in terms you can understand, why regular maintenance will save you money over the life of your car.  And she's seen many Toyotas come in with hundreds of thousands of miles. If there's a safety issue she'll tell you why it needs attention.  Alana will always give you good down to earth advice without all the technical terms.  Alana loves spending time outdoors, in fact as she tells it, the perfect day is a day at the beach with her dog Wriley. When New England weather won't cooperate for a day at the beach, Alana finds herself enjoying time in the kitchen making something special for dinner.

Geoffrey Burke, Service Advisor

34 years at Toyota of Portsmouth, but he's not counting.  He found retirement boring because he missed the customers.  Geoffry has done every job here but own the place.  And he'll keep it that way.  Most days he will help the Service Writers when someone has a day off.  But he's not afraid to wear any hat in the house when needed.  If you know him, you know what a pleasure it is to spend time with him.  At home he loves to cook, garden, and clean the house.  Sorry ladies, he's happily married.

Tia Hartwell, Service Advisor

You thought you knew a lot about your car?  Tia can tell you a lot more.  She'll make sure it runs right and is safe.  Then catch her at lunch and she'll show you the latest quilt she wants to make and fill you in on how the kids are doing.  She's one of those people you wonder about......"How does she get it all done in a day?"   

Dave Kozler, Service Shop Foreman

Someone had to be the Shop Forman and Dave got the job.  And for good reason, he's one of our best Master Toyota Technicians.  Scratch that….he is the best!  He is also a Master Diagnostic Technician.  Yup that guy, he can figure things out better than anyone.  What drives him to do this job?  He loves fixing cars.  Making them better.  We asked what he liked to do when not at work and got the same answer……fixin's cars.  And for that we give him our top "Grease Monkey" award!!!

Tom Ridley, Service Technician

One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet and an Expert Level Toyota Technician.  For Tom, family is #1.  Together they spend their spare time outdoors.  Fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, you name it, and chances are it's part of their family activity time.

Nic Kozler, Service Technician

Nic loves to drive.  Plain and simple.  Drive, Drive Drive!  Drive to Maine, drive the Kancamangus, drive to Massachusetts, Vermont, you get the idea.  And it's a family thing to do, but not all in the same car.  Quite often Nic's dad and brother follow in their own cars.  Makes you wonder if Nic would like a job delivering things, but he'll tell you he loves to work on cars and drive.  For Nic working on your car is a dream job here Toyota of Portsmouth.

Zach Benton, Service Technician

Zach is one of the coolest guys to hang out with.  He loves the hands-on  challenge that each day brings to his job.  No two cars are alike and keeping an eye on a customers vehicle to maintain its safety and running condition is important to Zach.  When he's not in the shop you'll find him hiking or on his motorcycle.  On his workbench you'll find country music keeps him going all day long.

Brent Anderson, Service Technician

There's two things Brett loves to do, watch football and spend time remodeling his house.  Ok, the second one is part of his "honey-do" list. But like most of us, remodeling never ends.  Brett has been a Toyota technician for 27 years, 14 of those years with Toyota of Portsmouth.  So if you're asking how much does he know about a Toyota, you be better to ask how much doesn't he know.  That would be a very, very short list.

Ryan Rivers, Service Dispatch

At first sight you might think, "Don't mess with him"  Then out comes that big smile and you know you've got a new friend.  After 4 years in the Marines and daily workouts Ryan has the looks we all wish for.  He also knows his job well and will keep you informed on how to keep your Toyota running like new.



Ryan Kennedy, Parts Manager

Need a part for a 1995 Toyota?  Or a 2018? If Ryan doesn't have it chances are he can get it for you.  Ryan is a key player on the team here and interacts with not only customers, but communicates with other departments, and vendors in ordering, exchanging,  receiving, or issuing the parts, supplies, or tools they need.  Ryan is always up to the challenge to find you the correct part to keep your vehicle running smooth.

Jeff Burnham, Assistant Parts Manager

Did you hear about the one that got away?  Jeff has a lot of those stories indeed!  His favorite sport is fresh water fishing.  Jeff loves the battle of a monster bass at twilight on a warm summer night.  And he's also fond of finding an elusive trout to fill his creel.  Stop by for parts, but be sure to ask Jeff about the one that recently got away.....we're sure it's a whopper of a tale!!

Josh Boyle, Parts Advisor

When you need a Toyota part, Josh has you covered.  When he's not here he's most likely in the woods.  Camping, hunting, fishing....livin' the dream!



David Glidden, Reconditioning Manager

Who has the cleanest car in town?  If you just bought a Toyota here, chances are David put the finishing touches on it inside and out.  David's been around for a long time doing recon and his work is amazing.  Outside of work you might find him flyfishing or enjoying a great pastry.  Two to three times a week David hits the power lines and takes a long trail run.  The trails around Willand Pond and the Gonic trails are a favorite.

Brittany Lefrenier, Recon

Brittany is the one who brings the biggest smile to her job each day.  And the job she does produces lots of smiles for each new Toyota owner.  When she's not here. she loves music and just hangin'.



Mark Wiitala , Marketing Manager
603-431-6100 Ext. 203

Mark brings his 45 years of experience in Marketing and Radio to Toyota of Portsmouth. Mark is also a Radio and Television Voiceover talent for clients nationwide, and served as Production Director for over 30 years with WOKQ in Dover, New Hampshire. Mark has served with the Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire and has volunteered with Dover Youth to Youth since 1992.

In answering the question: "Who says so besides you?"…Mark is the recipient of 32 Golden Mike Awards for broadcast production excellence, awarded by the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters. Mark's free time is best spent landscaping at home and jet-skiing on Lake Winnipesaukee. Mark and his wife live in Deerfield with their fuzzy lop rabbit named Diva...who runs the house.

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