Get Your Routine Maintenance in Portsmouth NH Done with Us

While there is a lot of fun to be had in buying, owning, or leasing a vehicle from Toyota of Portsmouth, one thing that has never changed is that drivers around Dover NH and Exeter NH never enjoy having to take their cars in for maintenance. While we understand that the inconvenience of being without your car can be frustrating, making sure your sedan, van, truck, or SUV is up to date on the necessary maintenance procedures will keep you from having to deal with major headaches and expensive repair costs.

Oil Changes

The one thing that's as easy to ignore as it is to fix is getting your oil changed. The effects of driving with old oil aren't as immediately apparent as other routing maintenance items, but that doesn't make it any less important. As we drive, oil accrues dirt and grime, making it difficult to circulate throughout your engine properly.

Your oil lubricates the engine to help it regulate temperature, so if your oil is old and grungy, it's much easier for heat-related damage to happen. Hence, we offer a range of different oil change options for our customers from conventional to full synthetic.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations are another important piece of routine maintenance that keeps you on the road. About every 5,000 miles, you need to change the position of your tires to make sure they are wearing evenly. Most Hampton NH pair their oil changes with a tire rotation as the need arises on both at around the same mileage.

Tires are not cheap to replace, and it's incredibly dangerous for them to suffer a blowout on a major highway. Hence, it's important to maximize their lifespan by having them rotated regularly.

Brake Repair

Declining brakes are one of the easiest things to notice as a driver, and they are just as easily the most important thing you need to stay safe on the roads. Since a car is no good if it can't stop, it's vital that you not wait to get brake repair done.

At Toyota of Portsmouth, we replace brake pads, rotors, and shoes to ensure all our customers are safe and have absolute peace of mind every time they turn the wheel.

Car Batteries

There's nothing worse than running late for work on a cold New Hampshire morning, only to realize that your car won't start, and your neighbors have already left for the day. Car batteries are another piece of routine maintenance that's easy to forget about, especially if it's been a few years since your last battery change. After all, if your car still turns on, why worry about swapping it out?

It's important to be proactive when it comes to replacing a battery, as the dramatic shifts in weather that we experience in New Hampshire can easily turn a seemingly solid battery into a dud. The life of a car battery is typically between two to six years, depending on where you live.

State Inspections

State inspections are no fun to have to plan, but they are necessary to undergo. Every facet of your vehicle needs to run smoothly at all times. And the good thing about a state inspection is that it can catch any potential problems that could arise as well as uncover any hidden issues that aren't immediately apparent.

We Look Forward to Serving You

If it's been a while since your last oil change, or you suspect that something may be off about your brakes, we encourage you to get your vehicle in as soon as possible. Small issues can quickly escalate into expensive problems, so don't wait.


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